Abracadabraaaaa– New York City !!!

Get on to a time machine…20 years later ! There I see fashion sense of mine which makes sense with todays New York City… I murmured to myself while crossing the street on the 6th ave.

Zara… Starbucks..Timesquare .. Is what I see, when I was searching frantically for my New Work place building. Do I have to stop and wonder that I am in the heart of Manhattan or check my watch and run into the beautiful sparkly green- glassed- Metlife building, to start my first day? As chaotic as  it is , as beautiful it is.

Squeezing tinnie tiny time ran into Starbucks Grabbed my favorite And reached work ! Finally started my day like a typical Newyorker.

Was seated by this large glass wall for my intial security entry, which overlooked the magnificent concrete jungle .

Finally deciding I am harmless to enter, they showed me my work cubical.

Sat infront of the two monitor screen with my name on it.

This is going to be my new home from now  on …. took a deep breath ..

Glanced my back-view quickly and turned away.Whattttttt didddd I justtttt seeeeeee… The most Amazing view anyone could ever have ….

This is where I am gonna work from now on??? Wow !!! A mute screammmmmmm.

If I can see the Empire State building just with a turn of head , i think I can torelate settling in a completely new place all alone.

The timesquare and the famous ball view from the breakroom. And view of the world trade center, on the way to the stationery room.

My new home is amazing to live in, work in.

I should work and live in NewYork city atleast once in my life time..

Wish answered too fast !

Who says life is not a magic ?